New Ford 4.6 Re-Engineered Inake Manifold Kit

2002 Ford 4.6 New Intake Manifold Kit

his injection molded intake manifold with aluminum crossover is a new, aftermarket replacement part. It is a direct bolt on that is built to strict quality control standards. This new intake kit has the following specifications: Reinforced aluminum coolant crossover - eliminates failure due to corrosion or vibration Re-engineered reinforced plastic Intake gaskets molded into the intake manifold Kit includes: Complete improved intake manifold with new aluminum crossover New thermostat, o-ring, and screws Brackets for installing alternator Spacers to install original thermostat housing - making it not necessary to replace the hose and thermostat housing Installation instructions with torque specifications and tightening sequence Everything needed to do the job right the 1st time!! The original intake manifold, due to the design, has an abnormal tendency to crack, leading to overheating and in many cases complete engine failure and/or damage to other parts of the car's engine. Manifold Applications: Lincoln & Town Car '02 (aluminum)

Price: $250.00
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